Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Dyed Some Stuff!

So. These past couple of weeks have been interesting. I've dyed clothes for the first time (I learned that if you want to dye a pink thing purple, you have to use blue dye. Not a violet. The blue plays off of the pink better and actually gives you the purple you want.) I learned how to iron on interfacing (first time using an iron and I made it out alive, with no burns or damage to anything! Woo!) And I also got the white face makeup for the Joker face (I may or may not have been really super excited about it.) 

I've also discovered that dying clothing is a lot of fun. Because first you get to mix the dyebath around, and then dump it into the water. And it looks like you're opening a portal to dyetopia or some sinister, otherworldly planet of menacing dye or something. 

See? It goes from interesting purple splotch to BOOM. PURPLE DEATH HOLE OF SCARY DARKNESS in about two seconds flat.

And my favorite part is when you actually get to put the item of clothing IN the scary murkiness, stir it around like you're making some potionthing, and then have it magically come out a different color.

I feel like I may have enjoyed this process a little more than necessary. But at least it was entertaining. And now I'm two steps closer to finishing the whole outfit and wearing it around everywhere I go. (haha...whaaaat?)

I was going to show you what the vest looks like too and everything. But this is literally the fifth time I've typed out this whole post because somehow it keeps deleting everything I just wrote. So I'll talk about it some other time.

Sorry this is so brief! You'll get full looks at the completed top and makeup next post. I promise. For now, have some unicorns and cupcakes. *hands you an explosion of magical items* Don't leave me. 

*three weeks till Joker*

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