Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finished Product!

Hey guys! So. I'm a leetle bit late with the whole "Presenting my finished Halloween costume" thing. But now I'm just gonna call it "Presenting my finished Joker cosplay costume" to make myself feel a bit better about it.

But I did it! I got it all done! I had tons of help, of course, but it was all completed and all my idea. So I'm pretty proud. 

There's something weirdly satisfying about smearing white face makeup on your face, putting on a wig that smells like marker, and then donning the clothes you've worked so hard to modify. And then getting to strut around your friend's neighborhood singing Christmas carols at people while wearing it? Psh. Nothing can beat it. (And yes. We did actually sing Christmas songs at people. On Halloween. Wearing Batman villain costumes. But joke's on everybody else cuz WE got full sized candy bars for doing so.)

Also? It's really fun when something you envisioned, such as this:

Becomes more of a reality. Like this:

 And it's not TOTALLY the same. But I almost like how it turned out better than how I drew it. (Please excuse my face. It looks like I'm about to sneeze but I was just squinting at the sun.)

So there it is. That's what I would look like if I were the Joker. The mystery's been solved. You don't have to lie awake anymore, wondering constantly. I have the answer for you. And you're welcome.

This whole costume making experience felt way more hectic than I thought it would. But it was fun! And I'm glad I have friends that don't find it weird or obnoxious when that's all I talk about for weeks straight. (or maybe they did. In which case, I appreciate them not telling me.)

I learned how to dye clothes for the first time, that I should never be a hairstylist, that I really like shopping for costume parts, that I really DON'T like shopping for pants to cut and dye into shorts, and that I enjoy wearing the finished product WAY TOO MUCH.

I've always loved playing dress-up. And I guess I still do.

You know what else I love?
Posing for dramatic pictures with horrible makeup like this:
 It's way more fun than it sounds.

So...I guess that's it. The project's over. (I'll still keep up the blog as much as I can though.)

*flies off fabulously with glitter into the sunset*



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